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What Porn Categories Do Men Prefer?

Contrary to popular belief that the cumming is important for the guys – that is, to drag a partner to bed at any cost, all the latest polls show that the process is no less interesting for them. At the same time, you won’t get an answer from them about what exactly they want. We conducted our own survey. So, what do men want from porn the most?

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Sex with the wife

“We like when our women do not reject his hugs sharply, do not call him a pervert. Guys are curious by nature, they just need to try something new once, after which they immediately lose interest in all these experiments. Otherwise, they will not stop until they try. That’s why we want to see such a scenario on the screen ”- the sincere confession of one of the men.


Yes, in men, almost all of the erogenous potential is concentrated in one place, and you know in which one. But they like strokes and kisses, otherwise, they would not start a half-turn from the massage.


The guys like to see how the girl masturbate herself, and if you allow looking, then this is perceived as a very high degree of trust … Or he can simply gaze enthusiastically, like in a strip club. He exited to an extreme degree.

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Blow job (will she swallow or not?)

“If you really got something in your mouth, it’s stupid to spit.” And what if you do not want to swallow? They are shy to tell this to a girlfriend and looking for this in porn. Males also like listen to dirty words during intercourse. But will they confess in this? Of course, not always. But from Sasha Grey mouse this will sound like a blessing.


According to the men we interviewed, overuse of hair removal in intimate places is a disaster. “I would like a woman to still look like a real woman, like, say, the legendary porn stars of the 70s, and not like cyborg or Barbie,” one connoisseur of adult cinema confirmed (we guess, he has many years of experience.)


Men are ready to give anything, just to get a universal experience, with favorite poses, moans, right size of boobs. And it’s not that they are stupid and insensitive. Girls, everything is much more complicated than you think. Sometimes marriage or relations are a complete failure without normal sexual life.  In general, he likes porn because you are cold. Without your help, he will have to learn your body language through constant trial and error, to mutual disappointment. And you just need to say what to do with the language, with your hands, and so on.