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What Porn Categories Do Women Prefer?

In their erotic fantasies, women most often dream about group sex. Scientists from one American research center studied the sexual whims of people with the help of Internet search engines and found out what porn women like and what men like.

  • Studies have shown that men consider the boobs and buttocks to be the most erotic parts of the body, and photos with elderly ladies and transsexuals do not disdain.
  • Females contemplating of threesome sex, and women are given less space in it.
  • As for porn movies that Internet users prefer to watch, it turned out that women like sex games with domination and submission, while men enjoy watching amateur videos.

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Such studies, according to experts, help to reveal the real sexual preferences of people and hope that this study will help professionals in analyzing people’s sexual needs and their meaning.

Some Explanations

Most porn is created by men and for them. Porn sites can be frightening, especially when they are trying to show you what is addressed to “males”, and you are “choking” in desperation to find what you want. Fortunately, there are resources where you can still find porn to taste. But where to look for it and what should it be, according to women? Here is what they say about this:

  • “I’m fond of girl plots, but I’m not a lesbian. In addition, I am looking for strange people who have strange sex, so a site like Crash Pad suits me. ”
  • “Oddly enough, I never felt the need and desire to watch the adult video, unless I was in a relationship. When I am alone, imagination does wonders but falling in love somehow limits my ability to fantasize. When I watch porn, I enjoy gay porn or female BDSM. I like scenes that reflect the play of power and vulnerability. I recommend if you are interested in BDSM. ”секси photo
  • “I like tender scenes, f.e. lesbo because it’s less harsh. Sometimes it’s just a Tumblr page, like Dicks For Girls, or sites like Bright Desire, and sometimes it’s sexy photos.
  • “I like threesome sex where women take the initiative. I also like videos about oral sex for ladies. I also like to visit sites that have previews of commercials. That way, you can determine whether it is worth watching or not. ”
  • “There was a time when I watched a lot of free porn on x-tube, although it was exclusively gay-oriented. I always thought male-to-male lovemaking was really exciting. But then I realized that this porn is full of clichés, unreality and sometimes racism. So now I don’t watch porn. ”

“I watch strawberry. I do it on the work from the office PC, and I can watch it as long as necessary after 6 pm. Regarding the type of content, 90{d1a133dc40864bd28b91ed75478baedeb4aa6b6d8199953e214f6e5082b4c2a6} of the commercials are scenes with two people.

So enjoy XXX videos – make your own choice.