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Most Viewed Porn Categories by Woman

What porn do women like? A rather common question in our culture. There is an idea that this is not a female business at all. There are, for example, tags made for women on porn trackers and whole studios like Barcelona Sex Project that do this. Or, for example, the idea of ​​what porn they admire.

Some Tips


There we want to discuss the issue not only in terms of porn sites but also a special device that emits rays of light on the walls of the vagina. The reflected beam is determined by the amount of blood in the nearest capillaries and, accordingly, the degree of physical excitation, the more, the stronger. This is a proven method to understand – what females really enjoy.

In order not to reduce everything to the answer from one word, we will introduce some serious ideas on the issue, which are proven by scientists. They also are interested in such matters and try to interpret all issues from the point of physiology.

  • A series of studies by professionals showed that men are more discriminating than women in terms of their reactions to pornography.
  • Women – both homosexual and heterosexual – immediately feel excited (in response to a film about sex. Regardless of who acts in it – whether men, women, naturals, homosexuals, whether they have beautiful hair or so-so. Men, contrary to popular belief, tend to react very restrained: they praise only those films that correspond to their sexual orientation and interests. Male arousal is usually determined by a “phallometric” device, which by voltage measures changes in the circumference of the penis.
  • While heterosexual women are excited by the film about two men having sex, heterosexual men are mostly indifferent. However, a natural man usually responds to a film about women who have sex – partly because he sees two naked women.
  • Researchers are amazed at the strong differences in the mechanisms of sexual arousal in women and men. Canadian scientists completed an experiment during which men and women watched videos about the pairing of bonobos. And here again – the female genitalia reacted (although not as intensely as when observing people), but the male ones did not.

Porn Preferences

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So what the girls and ladies enjoy?

  • lesbo;
  • hentai;
  • MILF;
  • creampie;
  • gay.

MDs Explain

Why the above topics? Sex is an exchange: a woman receives masculine, coarse energy, and shares her subtle energy. We may compare a woman with the cherry: outwardly she is soft, seductive, juicy, but everything keeps on a rigid basis – a bone.

A hundred years ago, the idea of ​​a female orgasm did not exist. Now it’s the other way round: psychologists help a woman learn to enjoy sex. For a man, orgasm is a goal, because nature is interested in the male to copulate, and sex is a discharge: he will make love with pleasure to relieve stress. And if she is still shy, she may find release in porn videos.