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Top 10 Most Popular Porn Search

Many lists compiled by adult web platforms related to the porn categories or scenes that are the most popular. They vary year by year. F.e. 2007 was a famous year of the MILF, while the last year the most demanded search was hentai.

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Let us introduce our top list:

  1. Lesbo;
  2. Romantic sex;
  3. Creampie;
  4. Gay;
  5. Teen;
  6. Hentai;
  7. Stepmother & son;
  8. Anal;
  9. Blow Job;
  10. MILF.

Some Tips

Of course, we need to understand why it’s so. Why such results? What people want; their motives and desires? Read about several psychological reasons and discuss them with your friends.

  • People like to watch in order to feel mature. Porn may be the first experience for somebody or different sexual reality, not like with husband/wife, especially for young couples.
  • Adult content gives the maximum effect of the presence, f.e. some people can’t repeat in real life anal or harsh hentai scenes.
  • If a couple enjoys porn together, that’s good. They begin to understand what they want from their time in the bedrooms, what actually excites them. So if you look at porn with a girl, first of all, choose erotic and well-made films without a focus on the plot – it will help to reach mutual consent.

Porn as Drive

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Are you now to get behind the wheel of a car and drive at a speed of 200 km /h? Do you decide to jump with a parachute, if you are offered? Maybe one of you answered the questions in the affirmative. People who are constantly looking for thrills are called addicts by doctors. That’s why hentai or incest are popular – for the thrill. Or when she swallowing male’s dick. A real explosion in the body even if the person doesn’t participate in.

What is adrenaline? What is considered harmful or useful? It is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal cortex, a certain amount of adrenaline is always present in human blood. When a stressful situation arises, it is released into the blood, it prepares the body for action.

Once in America, a small truck ran over a young man. A random passer-by rushed to help, he lifted the truck, and the driver pulled the guy out. The passerby did not have any particular physical strength, he was an ordinary person, but the situation he saw affected him very much.

That’s why adrenaline has a beneficial effect on the nervous system when watching porn, especially that categories you can’t practice for moral reasons. It stimulates it, causes heart palpitations, and has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles. This affects the breakdown of fats, inhibiting their synthesis, the performance of skeletal muscles improves, and the human motor activity increases.

But do not be thrilled too much f.e. by anal sex. Such extra watching can affect the body negatively, for example, a cause blood pressure, which adversely affects the heart, hypertension can provoke a stroke. A person, who suffers from cardiovascular diseases are advised t watch light erotica and romantic sex.